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What worked for me could work for you!

I tried many new ideas and products during my pregnancy to help ease some of my daily pains. Some worked out better than others and I’d like to share the ones I’d use again if we have another little one.


Belly Oil & Lotion

According to my OB and online research, stretch marks are genetic. My mother didn’t have them so perhaps this is true. But that didn’t stop my from oiling up every morning and lotioning up every night! I did not end up with a single stretch mark and my skin did not get flabby but shrank right back to where it was. I give kudos to the products I used.


I charged my skin-care-expert sister with the task of finding me a cost-effective belly oil with the best reviews. She came back with these two. Earth Mama Angel Baby Belly Butter and Earth Mama Angel Baby Belly Oil became part of my regime towards the end of my first trimester. They last a while for such small packaging and smell wonderful. I would oil up after my morning shower, so I could keep my shirt off until work and let it soak in (it DOES stain clothes otherwise), and then I would lotion up in bed before sleep.


Even if stretch marks are entirely genetics and what have you, it still felt good to use something on the taut belly skin. And I have a stomach tattoo that everyone swore I would regret once I got pregnant because it would never be the same--guess what, it’s still perfect!


Belly Support Band

As mentioned in my V.V. post, I would have been lost without using a Belly Bandit Upsie Support Band daily once I started getting big. I’m not talking about the extenders for tank tops that cover your open fly but the tight brace that helps hold up all that heaviness.


The pressure from my growing stomach put so much weight on my bottom half that the vulvar varicosities popped up and never went away. This seemingly-simple item was a Godsend for taking some of the pressure off and allowing me to actually walk.


Epsom Salt

I read early on to stay away from hot baths as it would harm the growing baby. Once the dreaded vulvar varicosities showed up, however, my OB talked me into taking a bath daily with epsom salt and lavender essential oil to ease the pain. Oh my goodness. We went through epsom salt by the pound. It also helped with my feet swelling.


Even after pregnancy it came in handy. I had a rough time with nipple-pain for the first month so my cousin recommended I soak them in a solution of epsom salt. Huge help!