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The tips that (I believe) worked for me

For all the research I did before my little one came, I was surprised to realize that labor and delivery timing are totally different things. I thought it was crazy that a woman would be pushing for 8 hours! Obviously when my time came I realized the difference!

My labor was roughly eight hours, made not too painful with an epidural. But my delivery was a relatively easy 20 minutes. Here are some reasons I think my delivery was so good, I would recommend trying them out while you're pregnant!

Firstly, medjool dates. I ate seven medjool dates a day during my last month of pregnancy. They help with blood loss and opening up your cervix. And they're a healthier sweet snack than the candy I so often craved.

Another thing I did the entire pregnancy is a walk almost everyday with the dogs and my husband around neighborhood after work. This is one of those times I'm glad I was pregnant during the summer season, this probably wouldn't happen if it was snowing the whole time! Walks also helped me with my weight gain (I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight, thank you very much!). Try to get out at least a couple times a week if you can. A lot of the days I wanted to skip because my vulvar varicosities had gotten so bad, but I'm always glad I at least went for a short walk around the neighborhood.

During my first and second trimesters I was very good about doing squats every single day, it really opened up my hips. My last trimester though the vulvar varicosities were so painful I couldn't even think about that. Also kegels kegels kegels! I did them on the drive to work and the drive coming home from work and everything is very muscular now...

No science behind these causing a quick delivery for me, but I would definitely recommend trying them out during your own pregnancy!