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A rustic pop to our master bedroom

This is another one of those went-to-buy-it-and-it-ended-up-being-super-expensive projects that pretty much make up the entirety of my house.

I’ve come a long way from sleeping on a mattress right on the floor, no box spring, no bed-making in the morning. With the purchase of this new house we got ourselves a brand-spanking new mattress and it needed all the trimmings.

The only minor flaw of this headboard is the permanence. It is screwed right into the wall behind the bed so if we ever want to move our bed to a different part of the room (luckily unlikely) or move to a different house (gonna happen eventually), then we have to painstakingly unscrew and fill all those holes in the wall. Alas, sacrifices!

We used the free pallets that were available next to my husband’s work--spending the time pulling the boards and nails out is worth all the money saved on lumber. With a simple frame made, we lined up the top boards in a rustic way (I love the giant knot in one spot) and painted it. With a small matching chest at the end of the bed and a handsome sheet set, hello adult-life!