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Fluffy graham cracker pancakes layered with scratch-made, zesty key lime curd & finished with a dollop of toasted meringue

Makes 6-8 pancakes & 1/2c curd


For the Curd:

2tbsp coconut oil

Zest of 2 key limes

3tbsp key lime juice

6tbsp sugar

1 eggs

Dash salt


For the Pancakes:

3/4c flour

3/4c graham cracker crumbs

3/4tsp baking powder

1/2tsp baking powder

2tbsp cornstarch

2tbsp brown sugar

Dash salt

1 egg

3/4c almond milk

1tbsp canola oil (plus more for greasing)


To Serve:

1 egg white

1tbsp sugar

½ tsp lemon juice

Key lime zest and/or graham cracker crumbs, to top


Start with the curd so it has time to cool. Melt the coconut oil in a small pot then whisk in remaining curd ingredients and stir constantly for 10-15min until thickened. When you dip a spoon into it and run your finger down the back, a firm line in the curd should remain. Let cool and refrigerate until use.


For the pancakes, heat a large skillet over medium and drizzle with canola oil. In a large bowl, combine flour thru salt. In a small bowl, combine egg thru oil. Pour wet into dry and stir until just combined. Pour about 1/4c or less of batter into rounds in skillet, fitting as many as you can (I can do 4 at a time). Cook a few minutes till the to batter has bubbles and the underside is golden brown then flip and cook thru. Repeat with remaining batter.


Meanwhile, prepare the meringue by using an electric mixer set on high to beat all the ingredients in a medium bowl to stiff peaks.


To serve, layer pancakes with a thin amount of curd between each (curd is very strong & sweet so only use a thin amount per layer). Top with a dollop of meringue and use a kitchen torch to toast. Sprinkle with key lime zest and graham cracker crumbs if desired.



Freeze pancakes in a single layer on a rack or baking sheet until solid then transfer to sealable tupperware for up to two weeks.

Curd can be refrigerated for two weeks and frozen for 6 months in a glass or plastic jar.