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An easy craft for livingroom flare

I saw these shelves on Etsy for an insane amount of money and, of course, instantly wanted them!

Our living room is gray with blue accents, the focal point being a blue-tinged photo that my husband and I took at the Rocky Mountain National Forest. So of course some blue mountain shelves in a blank corner would be oh too perfect. But why spend the money when we have so much scrap wood in the garage from other projects?

This was a super simple project of nailing a couple boards together in an L shape, making one side some jagged peaks. I had leftover blue spray paint and just needed to tape off the white peaks of the shelves, paint a couple coats and screw them into the walls!

They are perfect for a family of cacti that we brought with us from Colorado. Never buy when you can save money and make it with your own hands!