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A lovingly-nicknamed accent wall for our living room

This accent wall is the pride n joy of my house and always the first thing our guests notice.

You'll notice the absolutely beautiful barn wood. We were so lucky to be given this from the father-in-law of my uncle Troy. It's 118-year-old pine from a family farm. It's so absolutely breath-taking and exactly what I wanted for the space. One side is the brown of the interior of the barn, while the other side is the weathered grey of an old barn, with great streaks of the red paint.

I've named this the divorce-maker wall because it was a long time in the making and took hours of strained hard work and tired tension. We're talking countless trips up and down ladders and the stairs, too much measuring and remeasuring to get the ceiling angles (mostly) right, and an alarming amount of wood-dust inhalation.

It's a simple concept of screwing the cleaned boards right into the wall, following stud lines as well as we could. It was the angles that got to us. That's almost 200 square feet of geometry right there. It was months in the making and well worth the weekends of sacrifice, especially once we installed the new landing tile and chandelier. 

I'm trying to convince my husband that when we move I want to take it with me...