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Easy and fun stretches to start off the morning right

I fully believe in baby yoga and the benefits it has for a developing baby. Sistine and I partake in this activity every morning, sometimes on a blanket, sometimes in bed and sometimes in the crib. She thinks it's a game and I get a kick because she's oh-so-cute at everything she does.

First, I do bicycles with her legs. I count clearly with every pump, ending at ten and congratulating what an awesome job she did. This (I believe), helps her with the rhythm of counting and stretching out her lil wee legs independently from each other.

Move one knee at a time up to her chest, gently stretch out the opposite leg so it's straight out.  I'll also go on to moving both knees down together and stretch them out together too.

After one of set of legs, I'll stretch out her sweet lil arms. Again, count clearly. And always be sure to move gently and slowly, don't make her uncomfortable.

Move her arms slowly above her head then circle all the way down to the sides of her body. I make noises, of course, to that get her to smile.

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional anything involving babies. this is just sharing with you the activities I partake in with my little one.