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A baking sheet and a few sheets of tissue paper...fun forever and for all

My baby is a kicker. She kicked a constant rhythm on my ribcage when she was still inside me and nothing makes her happier than flailing in the big world. I blame her father, of course. He’s the runner in the relationship and convinced her constantly-moving legs means she’s going to be in the Olympics.

That being said, any kind of kicking activity is just the bees knees for her. Thus, Tissue-Kicks.

Just a clean baking sheet with a couple wads of tissue paper on top, leaned up against the wall of her crib. The sheet keeps her feet from kicking through the crib slats, but note that the paper has to be changed every once in a while depending the kicking level. After a while the poor abused things lose their noise.

We do this activity less since getting her toy piano, but it was still great for when she was real little.