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A piano toy for Little One to kick is brilliant

I strongly recommend every parent buy their baby a toy piano to kick! It’s an easy way for them to expel energy (thus going down for a nap easier), it builds their lil leg muscles, and they have a hoot doing it. I’ll pop Sistine in her crib and pull the piano out and it’s all just pure smiles right when she sees it.

I bought this lil beauty from Target as part of a play mat. The piano hooks on the the end of a mat so she can kick as she looks up at the things dangling above. Because of how the piano is angled when it’s connected I really don’t use the whole thing together but hopefully that will change when she gets bigger.

Otherwise the piano propped against the side of the crib works mighty fine. There are different settings for the sounds emitted, from simple tones to complete songs, even counting and color-naming. Plus it lights up so playing in the dark just takes it to a whole other level.

Again, highly recommend a piano.