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Helium Balloon Laughs

So worth the heart attack I have at night when I see the shadow of something floating...

My 29th birthday came around the same time we celebrated the 4-month marker for my sweet little one. I was graced with balloons, in black of course since it is the last year of my twenties!


Soon after receiving them I noticed my precious little girl staring at them like she does the fan. Light bulb!


I cut the long tails of the helium-filled balloons and attached them to some rubber bands to make them easier to transfer around. Then I connected them to both feet and sat back while she giggled away!


Every once in awhile I bounce the balloon towards her face for added fun and tied the rubber band around her sweet little wrists at one point in time, but she likes to kick her legs more.


We're talking hours of fun with a simple trip to the dollar store for some helium filled balloons! I'd definitely recommend getting them in black since it's the higher contrast, we had some silver ones too she didn't like as much.