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Helping those that can't crawl to zoom around the house

Our baby girl is so dang close to crawling, although I know we're not to expect it for another few months!

But when she gears up by kicking those chubby lil legs and waving those sweet lil arms, I'm sure she's about to zoom around the house! That being said, I came up with this way to get her mobile that she absolutely loves.

I just put her belly-down on a light large blanket, grab the other end and drag her throughout the house! Works on carpet and wood floors (found out the hard way that I really needed to clean my wood floors...I'm tempted to just drag her through some cleaning solution first and turn her into a mop!).

She loves passing by the dogs (who are a little sketched out to have this lil human at their level) and will wave her arms more trying to get at them! 

A most-try!