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A beautifully crafted wall-length beast

This 15ft, from scratch herringbone desk is by far my most beloved Home Project. My husband keeps thinking I am joking but I am seriously bring it with us when we move, meaning I have to find another house with a blank 15-foot wall! This was hours, even days in the making because I just had to have that herringbone pattern and for some reason I decided to do it with 1-inch boards...

Our house isn't huge and the basement was to become our bar / entertainment / home office. We really wanted something very much integrated and not compartmentalised since it was so many things jammed into one room. That's when I got the idea of making an entire wall into a desk. That way we could use it for tons of storage and for guests to place drinks if we are chilling in the basement.

We started with a very simple frame, and covered it with relatively thin wood since it would get a layer of herringbone wood on it as well and we didn't want it to be any heavier than necessary. After framing in the topside, I spent hours of my life with that herringbone pattern. After a quick sand job (I do wish I had sanded it down a bit more, it is a little rough and thus hard to dust) and a couple coats of a great walnut stain and clear coat, it was ready to be drilled into the wall. We used some homemade triangle brackets to hold the Beast, testing and retesting to make sure of the stability.

Now we have a super long, cool desk that holds printer, computer, files and still has tons of room left over for some open space so it's not too cluttered! To really bring in the room together, we did the same herringbone design on the Corner Bar we built for the opposite wall, check out the link below!